One week until Book Bash!

I am so excited that in less than a week, I’ll be in the company of a vast array of amazing authors at Book Bash in Orlando, FL as a fan and then later that evening, I’ll be part of the 31 member author group at an after party hosted by

Wicked GNO at Crave!

Wicked GNO

I can’t wait to share my experiences as well as some pictures with you!!!!


My first book signing!

June 1, 2013

Well I’ll be honest with you, the day of my first book signing, I was really nervous. It’s one thing to put yourself “out there” as an author and hope that people like your work and it’s completely another to put YOURSELF out there for people to meet and like or dislike. I made all the preparations for my big day even asking my friend, Author Gina Maxwell, for advice on what to take and what to expect. Upon arrival, I was so tickled to see Jennifer who is an amazing friend and member of my street team waiting for me. She instantly jumped into action helping me set everything up in the coffee shop we were so graciously invited to use. Jumpin’ Java is an amazing place and I will definitely be back. Amanda Harter, friend and author, was there and we set ourselves up with bookmarks, pens, an iced coffee and our books available. Within minutes, Andrea Johnson Beck, author and friend from Apex showed up and we squealed with excitement as this was our first in-person meeting. She got her things set up and we settled in to wait for our first patrons to roll through. One of the first people who stopped was a nice lady who picked up some of our bookmarks and asked us some questions. Soon we had a steady stream of people coming through and some were curious, others interested in buying our books. I was really excited when a friend I’d only met online came in with her mom and asked to buy a signed copy. Teri Beth and Sharon made my morning! 🙂 Then another fan, Kelly, brought her book that she’d won in with her to have it signed. I loved visiting with them and getting pictures taken. More friends came through and more coffee shop patrons. We all had a very successful morning and before we knew it, it was time to go home. I will never forget how wonderful it felt to have my friends support me and also to meet new ones in person. It was my first book signing but it won’t be my last.

Book signing June1 (2)

jean book signing1

jean book signing2

jean book signing3

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Summer Book Blast

The Summer Book Blast runs from May 24-27 and is THE hottest and largest ebook sale to date for today’s best selling young adult, new adult and romantic fiction.We’re giving away over $1,000 in prizes!ad

In addition to all books being priced at .99 for the four-day sale, there will be:

  • a Kindle Fire raffled off DAILY;
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To participate in giveaways, visit the Summer Book Blast Facebook event page!

To see the incredible books on sale, check out the Summer Book Blast web page!

The Blast features books from over sixty authors, all of whom came together to lower their prices and offer their readers incredible deals to stock up for the hot, lazy summer months.

A special thank you goes out to our sponsors:


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The event has been arranged and coordinated by the following wonderful people on the Summer Book Blast committee: Lisa Markson, Leanne Jacobson, Stephanie Shaw and Jennifer Pringle.

Links to our Sponsors


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An Experiment in Blog Design

I’m finally trying to update my blog to make it work for me. I have an awesome friend who has been helping me figure out this crazy stuff and I think it will be an interesting experiment. Over time, I hope it will look better and better.

I think one of the craziest things about doing a blog is what to write. I write my books and have no trouble having a story flow out of my head but coming up with an interesting topic having to do with myself is another thing. I would love some feedback about what you’d like to see here. If you’d like to pick my brains…bring it on! I can tell you that I am enjoying this new adventure in my life so much! I’ve met some beautiful people who I am now honored to call my friends and God willing, I’ll get to meet them one day. The power of the written word is an amazing thing and for the characters who were born in my head to now have life and other people who care about them is a feeling I can’t describe except to say INCREDIBLE!!

As I said, this will be an experiment where my blog will go through many changes until I find the one that suits me best, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll take the journey with me.

The links to all my books are found here:

Elizabeth James (on Amazon)