I’m such a blog slacker :)

Well, it’s 2014 and I’m just getting around to my first blog post of the year in mid-January.   One thing that has been keeping me busy has been my latest WIP “Chasing Rain”.  It’s been a difficult time to write with all the holiday goings-on but now that the new year has begun, I’ve been buckling down and am about 75% finished.  I was aiming for an end of January release but seeing as how I have to still have it beta-read and edited, it may be early February before I get it out to you.  I’m also excited about this year for all the book signings/appearances I have planned (see Appearances tab).  One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had since my first book published was meeting all the wonderful new readers and making tons of new friends.  What started out as a way to fulfill a dream to be an author turned into so much more.  So…that being said, I hope I’ll get to meet some new friends in person this year, hang out with some amazing authors and see some places I’ve never seen before.  I’m following my dreams and as it turns out, they’re way more exciting than I thought they’d ever be!!!  Elizabeth xx


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