An Experiment in Blog Design

I’m finally trying to update my blog to make it work for me. I have an awesome friend who has been helping me figure out this crazy stuff and I think it will be an interesting experiment. Over time, I hope it will look better and better.

I think one of the craziest things about doing a blog is what to write. I write my books and have no trouble having a story flow out of my head but coming up with an interesting topic having to do with myself is another thing. I would love some feedback about what you’d like to see here. If you’d like to pick my brains…bring it on! I can tell you that I am enjoying this new adventure in my life so much! I’ve met some beautiful people who I am now honored to call my friends and God willing, I’ll get to meet them one day. The power of the written word is an amazing thing and for the characters who were born in my head to now have life and other people who care about them is a feeling I can’t describe except to say INCREDIBLE!!

As I said, this will be an experiment where my blog will go through many changes until I find the one that suits me best, but in the meantime, I hope you’ll take the journey with me.

The links to all my books are found here:

Elizabeth James (on Amazon)


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