Life by Design (Design series #2) is out!

ImageIt has been a busy week and I’m finally able to sit back and enjoy the release of Life by Design.  I have had the nicest messages and tweets from fans and apparently they love it!  This process has been an interesting one for me.  I set out to write a book, something which I had always dreamed of doing, and in addition to the self-satisfaction, I have made some really awesome new friends.  In addition to my E. James Street Team, I have met some truly beautiful authors, editors and fans.  I hope that in the future, I will get to meet some of these great people in person.  I am trying to fit as many appearances in as possible to allow myself to do so.  I’m probably more excited to meet them than they are to meet me 🙂  With this new facet of my life, I will have to sacrifice some of my time, but I feel it’s worth every moment.  I have many more stories in my head that are fighting to get out so there will be many more books to come.  I am truly blessed and am sure that when I was 15 and had this dream, it wouldn’t have been the right time.  Now is my time and I’m enjoying the ride.  My first series of books have the titles Love (by Design), Life (by Design) and the final will be Forever (by Design)  Love Life Forever…what a great life motto 🙂


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